Today we are going to learn how to choose dashboard software, what features you should look for when choosing your data visualization tool.

A dashboard is an effective direction and management tool for any company. Its function is to summarize the results and performance of the company in order to make adjustments if necessary. However, the market is full of a multitude of tools. So how to choose between this offer?

What is a dashboard platform? 

Dashboards give you a snapshot of business intelligence, such as key performance indicators and metrics, in a centralized location. They are often updated in real time and can be customized to take several factors into account: 

  • The topic being followed
  • All related information
  • Visualization by relevance
  • Your preferred method of reading data or types of graphs .

Knowing how to choose dashboard software will allow you to:

  • Identify if you are on track to achieve your goals
  • Identify any anomalies in your processes
  • Identify risks
  • Monitor daily activities
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page

How to choose dashboard software effectively

These are the steps you should consider to know how to choose dashboard software

1. Define your needs

Before purchasing any professional software, it is always necessary to define your needs.

In this sense, there are three large families of dashboards:

  • Strategic Dashboard : Designed to direct the company;
  • Tactical Dashboard : Evaluates company performance and decision making;
  • Operational Dashboard : Monitor the progress of established plans and measure their effectiveness.

To make the most of your dashboard, whatever its type, it is necessary to insert KPIs, whose function is to measure the performance and management of your company effectively. 

A KPI is a decision-making tool that will help you save time and be more efficient. Therefore, it is important to determine which one best suits your needs: For example:

  • The function of KPIs in a strategic scorecard is to study the effectiveness of a strategy
  • The KPIs of an operational dashboard allow you to easily see the level of the previously established action plans, and whether the objectives set at the beginning have been achieved.
  • Define a budget

Once you have defined your needs, it is necessary to establish the budget that will be spent on the software. It is essential to always establish a limit on the acquisition price. In addition to the purchase price, there are always additional costs that can be added. This is the case of :

  • The annual license;
  • Software training costs;
  • Personnel hiring costs
  • Opt for ergonomic software

If you are thinking about how to choose dashboard software, you should look for one that is intuitive and easy to use.

In any case, you must like the software and it must be satisfactory for users. You can start with a trial version. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool and know if you will like it.

2. Look for an option that allows customization

Report customization is also necessary for many companies. 

For example, it can be useful to add your company logo to reports. It is also important to know if your dashboards can be customized or if they have pre-designed templates to facilitate their creation. It is also useful to check if you can insert custom charts, images and tables.

3. Look for software that has integrations and is cloud-based

Dashboard software connected directly to different applications allows you to import data from various sources and have your information integrated in one place. 

A cloud dashboard has the advantage of simplifying processes, especially when it comes to a project in which several people participate. In addition, it offers the guarantee of secure access to your data anytime, anywhere. 

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