Today we are going to learn about some KPIs for Instagram that will help us learn more about our audience, perfect messages and build a stronger presence on this social network.

Read on and discover how using KPIs will help you gain insight into the performance of your Instagram account.

Examples of KPIs for Instagram

These indicators allow you to measure the impact of your strategy on Instagram. The most important KPIs are the following:

1. Follower volume

How many followers do you have on your Instagram profile? And above all, how does this figure change from one month to the next?

This KPI for Instagram allows you to know if your account benefits from an editorial line that retains your followers and attracts new ones.

2. Number of mentions

This type of KPIs for Instagram allows you to evaluate the relevance of your content and the reach of your publications. To measure the number of mentions of your brand or company, search by hashtags to see the number of times your company name is used in your community posts.

The higher the number, the greater the impact on online reputation. And if you see that this figure increases month after month, it means that your editorial line is perfectly adapted to your target audience.

3. Number of clicks on bio URL

These kinds of KPIs show how many people are interested in knowing more about your company.

This indicator also allows you to evaluate the relevance of the keywords integrated in your biography, measure the impact of your slogan and know your ability to acquire leads through Instagram.

4. Engagement Index

Engagement rate is a key indicator for social media and measures the number of users who have interacted with images posted to your account. 

You can obtain the engagement rate by making the relationship between the number of mentions (likes and comments) during a given period and the number of followers (during the same period).

Without a doubt, this is another KPI for Instagram that will help you judge the relevance and impact of your posts.

Dashboard to analyze your KPIs for Instagram

A dashboard will help you present your Instagram analytics with impressive charts and types of graphs to help your team make decisions.

Visualize your data to understand what type of people you are attracting, your follower count, and the type of content that works best. Being in tune with your Instagram analytics means you have the right tools to grow your presence on the platform.

Foster a culture of collaboration. Get your data off the Instagram platform so you and your team can access data that will help you grow your presence and convert followers into customers.

Understand if you are successfully reaching your target audience. If you’re not reaching your target audience, who are you reaching?


Now that we have reviewed the KPIs for Instagram to pay attention to, remember that social media analysis is essential. It allows you to be able to make changes, maintain good practices or avoid mistakes in order to adapt your strategy and achieve your objectives.

With a social media dashboard you can automate data collection and visualization to facilitate analysis.


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